The 2020 Project is a non-partisan, not-for-profit (pending) organization dedicated to shedding light on critical issues affecting common people.

The 2020 Project communicates with the general public, policymakers and the press via targeted public awareness campaigns. Each campaign is financed, coordinated and executed individually.

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How Does the 2020 Project Work?

The 2020 Project raises money and accepts donations to execute public awareness campaigns. 100% of revenues are spent on executing the campaigns. The 2020 Project does not have salaried employees. Each campaign is financed, coordinated and executed individually.

Who Supports These Campaigns?

It depends on the issue. A small group of individuals may finance one campaign, while a coalition of companies or organizations funds another. The identities of those underwriting the campaigns are kept confidential to the extent allowed by federal and state law. Protecting our donors is critical to ensuring that controversial issues are discussed. However, the 2020 Project will disclose general support information for each campaign to the extent possible.

Does the 2020 Project Execute Any Financed Campaign?

No. The core principle of the 2020 Project is to promote economic and environmental sustainability. Campaigns that are not consistent with this principle are not executed. Each campaign is reviewed by the 2020 Board of Directors on the following grounds:

(1) veracity; (2) importance and timing; (3) consistency with mission; and (4) likelyhood to create desired effect.

Who Started the 2020 Project & Who Makes Decisions?

The 2020 Project was founded by Brooke Coleman, Miles Cooley and William Kheel.

The three founders comprise the Board of Directors.

Once approved, each campaign has a Steering Committee made up of at least one member of the Board of Directors and several other outside issue experts. The Steering Committee makes decisions about how the campaigns are executed on a day-to-day basis.

Board of Directors

R. Brooke Coleman

Brooke Coleman is the Executive Director of the New Fuels Alliance, a national not-for-profit organization dedicated to educating business leaders, state regulators, grant makers, media outlets, existing advocacy and public interest groups, and the general public about the economic and environmental benefits of non-petroleum fuel production and use. He is also the founder of several other groups, including the Northeast Biofuels Collaborative and the Renewable Energy Action Project (REAP). Mr. Coleman has been involved in the energy sector at the regulatory and policy making since 1998, first as the Clean Fuels and Climate Change Director for Bluewater Network and later as the director of REAP and the New Fuels Alliance. He led a national campaign to ban the gasoline additive and drinking water contaminant MTBE, and currently promotes renewable fuels as a viable, near-term strategy to address petroleum dependence and global climate change. Mr. Coleman is a graduate of Wesleyan University, the Northeastern University School of Law, and is a member of the Massachusetts State Bar.

Miles Cooley

Miles Cooley is a partner with the international law firm of Reed Smith LLP. He is a member of the firm's Litigation Group and is resident in the firm's Los Angeles office. Miles's practice primarily focuses on business litigation, with an emphasis in entertainment, trade secret, trademark and healthcare law. He has represented a wide range of companies, from small cap to Fortune 50, in addition to several well-known artists and entertainers. Miles also has an active pro bono practice, working closely with the Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights to protect voting rights in the 2004 and 2006 national elections, with Los Angeles Urban League on various matters involving community empowerment, as well as representing Spanish-speaking clients in adoption proceedings for Public Counsel. Miles serves on the Board of Trustees of the Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights, the Board of Directors of both the John Burton Foundation and Peace for Kids, organizations dedicated to the empowerment and betterment of the lives of at-risk foster youth, and the board of advisors for the Elevate Film and Music Festival Foundation, a conscious film festival held annually in Los Angeles , and Younited Foundation, a non-partisan organization focused on increasing social and political activism through cinema. In 1999, Miles earned his J.D. from U.C. Berkeley School of Law - Boalt Hall , where he was a member of the Moot Court Board, Law Students of African Descent, and The African-American Law and Policy Report. He was also the winner of the McBaine Honors Moot Court Competition Best Brief and the First Year Moot Court Best Oral Advocate awards in 1997 and 1999 respectively. Prior to law school, Miles served two years in Ecuador with the Peace Corps as a Community Development Volunteer , and prior to that, graduated from U.C. Berkeley in 1992 with a Bachelor's degree in Political Science. Miles is a member of the California Bar.

William Kheel

William Kheel is an interactive media consultant focused on raising awareness for non-porfit organizations for over a decade. Kheel started his career as a web developer for the Earthpledge Foundation in New York City. He then became the Interactive Media Director for the Nurture New York's Nature Foundation, the recipient of an exclusive marketing license from the artist's Jeanne-Claude and Christo. Kheel is also the Interative Media Director of the a Punta Cana Ecological Foundation, a non-profit dedicated the sustainable development in the Dominican Republic, and the recent recipient of the Premio Brugal award, the country's top award for a non-profit organization. Kheel has been working closely with the California Renewable Fuels Partnership, the New England Biofuels Collaborative and The Flood Museum of Easton Pennsylvania to implement their on-line strategies. Mr. Kheel recently completed the website for the movie "Summer in the Cage" a documentary about bi-polar disorder. Mr. Kheel is a graduate of Wesleyan University, United Digital Artists, the Parsons School of Design and the University of Puerto Rico (Rio Piedras).

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